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APEX OC is an outdoor outfitter that provides a wide variety activities, from hunting and fishing, to firearm classes, to survival and first aid instruction. Profits from services go to offer all inclusive, 100% paid guide services to disabled veterans with over a 60% disability rating, these all-inclusive services are to include but not limited to airfare, lodging and other accommodations.

  • Veterans, LEO, Fire and Emergency Services with valid identification automatically receive an additional 10% discount on all items.
  • Disabled Veterans under 60% but above 30% rating receive an automatic 25% discount additionally on all items.
  • Referrals receive an additional 5% discount on your next course or trip.
  • Rewards program: 3 trips or classes give an additional 15% discount on your next visit. – 25% cancelation fee

Firearm Courses

Wilderness S.A.F.E Courses

Outfitter Guides

A portion of the profits (approx 25% of revenue) go to benefit extensively Disabled Veterans over 60% disability rating; whom receive 100% all inclusive guide services, to include but not limited to airfare, lodging and other accommodations, scheduling events, maintaining vehicles and outdoor equipment, providing listed services and acquiring necessary personnel.

 All guides are volunteers.

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