Other Services

Sporting Dog Training

Individual Sessions

Basic discipline/ obedience, field and waterfowl training available) Comes with training gifts i.e. whistle, training bumpers and leashes

PRICE: $50 for 1 hour session

Hand and Arm, Whistle, and Voice Command Training.

Final session requires owner/handler to be present for command lessons comes with a training bumper & whistle

Offroad Recovery

Recovery $75 /hr + $0.25c mileage and $0.35c fuel surcharge & $25 convenience fee

Water, fuel and provisions hauling

Water & Fuel Delivery

PRICING: Water $0.60 per gallon

PRICING: Fuel $6 per gallon of (91 octane and diesel only)

Provision Delivery

PRICING: $1.60 per pound of food and other provisions.

Mileage and fuel fees apply; $0.25 mileage, $0.35 fuel surcharges & $25 convenience.

(Depending on availability and accessibility.)

ALL profits (approx 25% of revenue)go to benefit extensively Disabled Veterans over 60% disability rating; whom receive 100% all inclusive guide services, to include but not limited to airfare, lodging and other accommodations. APEX OC only has 1 paid employee; charged with scheduling events, maintaining vehicles and outdoor equipment, providing listed services and acquiring necessary personnel. All guides are volunteers.

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