Firearm Courses


Conceal Carry Training

PRICE: $45.99

Fingerprinting & DPS drop-off and processing available.
4 Hour Course

Basic Pistol & Familiarization

PRICE: $159

2 Hour Course

Basic Pistol Instruction

(fundamentals of marksmanship, doping at known distance)

PRICE: $259 

NRA Certificate + AR500 steel target

All Day 8 Hour Course

+$160 add-on for use of Firearm & Ammunition

Personal Protection & Defensive Shooting

Sexual assault, rape, mugging prevention, and carjacking prevention.

PRICE: $159 /3 hr practice gun is available.

Gun Handling


Archery Lessons

PRICE: $39/hour

Desert and Forest Side By Side & Gun Tour


PRICE: $329

Long Gun

PRICE: $279

Both Pistol & Long Gun

PRICE: $479

Additional Shooters

PRICE: +$79 each

Get back to the old west shooting 6 shot revolvers: Single action, double action and Civil War Era black powder (cap and ball) revolvers; and be modern with semi-auto: AR, full size, subcompact and compact Slide action pistols! 

Or get back to the old days also with Lever action, & Muzzle loader shooting; AR10 sniper rifle, Bolt action hunting rifles and try your skill at clay pigeons with our Benelli auto-loader and Remington 870 pump! All ammo included. 

This includes a desert or forest tour ride in a Side by Side for up to 4 people with snacks and beverages included on a 3 hour guide at one of 2 locations (historic desert or historic Coconino national forest) in Arizona.

ALL profits (approx 25% of revenue)go to benefit extensively Disabled Veterans over 60% disability rating; whom receive 100% all inclusive guide services, to include but not limited to airfare, lodging and other accommodations. APEX OC only has 1 paid employee; charged with scheduling events, maintaining vehicles and outdoor equipment, providing listed services and acquiring necessary personnel. All guides are volunteers.

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