Wilderness S.A.F.E

First Aid Training

Standard First Aid, CPR and AED Certification

PRICE: $45.99

At completion of training, you’ll be certified with the American Safety and Health Institute(ASHI) which is based off American Red Cross (ARC) and American Heart Association (AHA) training curriculum

Wilderness First Aid (Desert & Forest)

NOLS Wilderness First Aid training

PRICE: $179  for 16 hours over a 2 day period.

Comes with day with First Aid and CPR certification and individual first aid kit.

Stop the Bleed

60 Minutes

PRICE: $29

Life-threatening situations can arise in any environment, from a dangerous attack to an unfamiliar wilderness. Knowing how to assess and treat initial damages before help arrives is essential for guaranteeing safety or even saving lives!

Survival Skill Instruction

Water Procurement, Land Navigation, Threat Assessment, etc.

PRICE: $79 for 3 hour course


Comes with map protractor, life straw and emergency preparedness checklist

Primitive Skills Courses

Fire making, shelters, rules of 3 (What is rules of 3?)

Comes with folding saw blade, and ferro rod.

PRICE: $79 for 3 hour course

ALL profits (approx 25% of revenue)go to benefit extensively Disabled Veterans over 60% disability rating; whom receive 100% all inclusive guide services, to include but not limited to airfare, lodging and other accommodations. APEX OC only has 1 paid employee; charged with scheduling events, maintaining vehicles and outdoor equipment, providing listed services and acquiring necessary personnel. All guides are volunteers.

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